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Another amazing time on the road! I spent two weeks in Shanghai, China at the Shanghai American School. First week at the Pudong campus and the second week at the Puxi campus. We had a macaroni and cheese party, I met a special dog named Same but Different, made a lot of new friends. Thanks for the great time SAS. Love, Todd











I had an amazing trip to Singapore and the Singapore American School. The School has over 4000 students and some pretty cool teachers and librarians. I can’t wait to go back. I thought I would spare you all the food pictures. :) Love, Todd

Marina Bays Sands Singapore
Marina Bays Sands in Singapore

School Kids with Todd's Books

Todd on stage with school kids

Todd on stage with school kids.

Todd on stage in Singapore

Todd with his Singapore hosts.

Todd with his Singapore hosts.

Olá Brazil!

Todd had the most amazing time on his recent trip to Brazil that was organized by Panda Books, his Portugese language publisher in Brazil and Spain. He has sold over 300,000 books there and he received tons of press during his trip which he described as a real life-changing event.

Todd with school children

Here are some newspaper clippings from Brazilian papers about Todd's visit:

Newspaper clippings from Brazil about Todd.

You can see Todd had a very busy schedule while he was there!

Schedule of Todd's appearances in Brazil

Click the image below for a slideshow of some of the local press coverage.

Story about Todd visiting school children from Brazilian press.

Here are some stories from online media in Brazil:

  • O Tempo Magazine
  • carta

Todd met a lot of new friends while in Brazil, even some furry ones that need your help!

The Dogs of

"While I was in Brazil I noticed a lot of street dogs and I met these two black and white dogs that quickly became my friends. I knew they were both sick and needed help so I asked around about how to get them care. I was able to connect with some volunteers who helped these dogs, but there are a LOT of these dogs and it's a big problem."

Dog looking at Todd's book

Todd with a dog and a child.

Here's a link to an organization in Brazil that is trying to help:

Una Piri


This is the special art that Todd created for his trip to Portugal. It features some of Portugal's famous landmarks and their national symbol— the chicken.

"Portugal was amazing!" said Todd. "Everyone was so nice. I did several events for ToddWorld in Lisbon and Porto, appearing at several stores called Fnac. I also did a fun event at Cadin, a great place that helps children and their families from all over the world. We even raised some money for them!

CADin logo

CADin is an innovative center for children with developmental disabilities in
Cascais, Portugal.

"Thanks to Elastic Rights and all the great people who made this trip successful."

Todd signing books for kids in Portugal

Display of Todd's books in Portugese


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