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Love the Earth

Todd Parr SmilingEvery one of us can help protect the earth and make it feel good. Remember: if we take care of it, it will take care of us.


That is the end message from my book, “The Earth Book.” I try to write and illustrate things that are sometimes hard to understand for young kids. Like peace, love, making mistakes, saying goodbye, and being different. I also write a lot about feelings—especially kindness. But kids are instinctively kind, so I see it as a fun reminder or a refresher as needed, not just for them but for adults as well.


I did not set out in life to write books. I just wanted to sit and draw Snoopy all day and eventually own my own “Taco Time Diner,” where I started working when I was eleven. I’ll save that story and how watching Bambi changed my life forever.


Later, I started working for an airline and traveling worldwide, which led me back to my days of drawing Snoopy. It’s funny how traveling worldwide, meeting new people, learning new things, and trying different food can help you find the self-confidence you never had as a kid and rediscover your passion for art.


Snoopy just didn’t teach me how to draw but was there for me when I had to repeat second grade because I couldn’t read. Snoopy is also, in part, responsible for leading me into this very cool world of writing and illustrating kids’ books. People always say what a fun job I have. I agree, but not just because I get to write and draw all day, but because I get to make books that help others.


I get asked where I get my book ideas and what age group I write for. Most of the things I write about are things that I struggled with when I was younger, and my age group range is three to eight years old, adult.


Yes, adult! I’ve heard from lots of them. Sometimes a few words with simple art helps us grownups understand things easier.I know this within myself, but somehow I manage to complicate things because nothing is easy! Right? Not when you get older.

Does it always have to be that way? Not when you’re a kid. Most things are just matter-of-fact. They don’t question things that help the earth, like using both sides of the paper, bringing your own grocery bags to the market, or turning off the faucet while brushing your teeth. And how does all this help the earth? Kids just know it does. My books are a springboard to help expand upon ideas like these.


I am not an expert on anything, okay, maybe mac and cheese? Probably not, but I do love to cook.


I’m hopeful I can get my readers to see the impact we can have if we all do a few of the little things every day to help the earth and each other. It is that simple. The End.